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Membership Sites

Complete membership websites, built using WordPress. Ranging from subscription-based, exclusive membership sites with recurring revenue to free communities with open registration, funded with advertising.

Whatever your project, all membership sites are different and can be achieved using a variety of free or premium WordPress plugins and extensions. The important thing is planning and offering the right kind of membership options both now, and as registrations grow. I’ll work with you to do just that and design and build a solution that works for you. 

Transparent Pricing

Daily & Hourly Rates

All my prices are calculated using my base day rate of £350. I review this once a year to ensure it’s fair and inline with my experience and the industry.
I am VAT registered.

Face-to-face Meetings

I won’t charge for any scheduled meetings as part of a project but additional or impromptu meetings are charged at my current hourly rate plus a room booking fee.

Phone & Video Calls

I’ll never charge you for calling me (except where providing a service or extra support), I just ask that anything important discussed over the phone is also sent to me via email.