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Basic options from £1,800, Custom options from £5,100

The world’s largest eCommerce solution powering over a third of all online stores, providing you with complete control to sell anything. Brought to you by Automattic, the people behind WordPress.

Easy Digital Downloads

Basic options from £1,500, Custom options from £4,500

A complete eCommerce solution for selling digital-only products and subscriptions through your WordPress-powered website.

Transparent Pricing

Daily & Hourly Rates

My current day rate is £330 / day
An hourly rate is reserved for existing clients.

All my prices are calculated using my day rate as a base. I review this once a year to ensure it’s fair and inline with my experience and the industry.
I don’t charge VAT at present.

Face-to-face Meetings

I won’t charge for any scheduled meetings as part of a project but additional or impromptu meetings are charged at my current hourly rate plus a room booking fee.

Phone / Skype Calls

I’ll never charge you for calling me (except where providing a service or extra support), I just ask that anything important discussed over the phone is also sent to me via email.