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I’m Jack McConnell and I run Made with Fuel Ltd. – a one-man, RAR-recommended, WordPress web design and development micro-agency based out of a stunning coworking space in the center of Bath, England.

I started my business in 2011 but have been building websites since 2000. My official role is ‘Web Designer & Front-end Developer’ which means I do both design and development in equal measures and work on the entire process of making a website, end-to-end. I’ve appeared on various WordPress podcasts and been a speaker at WordCamp Bristol 2017.

Although I’m no longer directly involved, in 2014, I co-founded an open data group in Bath called Bath: Hacked.

I love web design, technology, transparency, running, cycling, and exploring.
I live just outside of Bath with my wife and daughter.

When I’m not building websites (or working on my house), I can be found making short movies or actively developing my WordPress plugin, Better Notifications for WordPress.

Jack McConnell, Web Designer & Front-end Developer at Made with FuelToday, we built sandcastles
First day was awesome. Walks along the beach and ice cream in the wall-to-wall sunshine. Bliss
First holiday for two years and it’s already giving me view goals
Current working environment = sunny

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