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I’m Jack McConnell and I run Made with Fuel Ltd. – a one-man, RAR-recommended, WordPress web design and development micro-agency based out of a stunning coworking space in the center of Bath, England.

I started my business in 2011 but have been building websites since 2000. My official role is ‘Web Designer & Front-end Developer’ which means I do both design and development in equal measures and work on the entire process of making a website, end-to-end. I’ve appeared on various WordPress podcasts and been a speaker at WordCamp Bristol 2017.

Although I’m no longer directly involved, in 2014, I co-founded an open data group in Bath called Bath: Hacked.

I love web design, technology, transparency, exercise, and exploring new places. I live just outside of Bath with my wife and daughter.

When I’m not building websites (or working on my house), I can be found making short movies or actively developing my WordPress plugin, Better Notifications for WordPress.

How I Work

I believe in having a good balance between my work and my life outside of work and about being clear and upfront on how I go about this. This can be summed up by the following:

  • I’m a very hard worker and I love my job and my clients.
  • I love my family and enjoy spending lots of time with them.
  • I work 5-days a week from Monday – Friday.
  • I normally work from my home office Monday to Thursday and from the coworking space, mentioned above, on Fridays. Operation hours can be found on my website, here.
  • I am available for phone/Skype calls at most times during my working days.
  • I am available for meetings in Bath, England on Fridays only.
  • I don’t check my email or listen to voicemails outside of my working hours or while i’m on lunch. I actually don’t have access to work emails or my work telephone number on my phone at all.
  • I take at least 8-weeks of holiday a year. Dates where i’m unavailable can be found on my website, here.

The photos below mostly show what I get up to when i’m with my family.

Tonight’s skyLast weekend I walked part of the Welsh costal path with my two besties. Lush weather, great company
Weather’s getting colder so less to pick in the garden now. Had to pick the pepper though. It took all Spring and Summer to grow into this tiny thing
A lovely, early Sunday morning walk at Stourhead
A chilly morning for a balloon ride

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