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With 75% of our clients implementing mobile or developing products especially for mobile devices this year, we wanted to implement a strategy to develop our own learning about mobile, new technologies and emerging best practices.

Re-imagining our approach to how we build websites for the massive influx of mobile devices has proved to be a fascinating and never-ending learning curve. With each new device comes a new screen size, quirk or feature that we can make great use of and with each one of these, a developer, somewhere out there, writes something for it. These new technologies have made working in the mobile web design space one of the most exciting to work in (alongside app development of course) and means that there is never a shortage of things to implement. The code and user experience design that were best practices last year are already outdated and new ways of building websites for mobile are emerging before some companies have even begun developing.

We want to be on the curve – utilising what we can to ensure that the work we do with mobile stays modern and effective. For this reason, we’ve recently changed a lot of what we read and experiment with to be more focused on mobile. In addition to this, Jack is going to be attending Handheld in order to further progress this learning.

Handheld is a conference all about mobile. It’s being held between November 27th and 28th in Cardiff and there are some really great people from the web design industry speaking there including: Jeffrey Zeldman, Mark Boulton, Jon Hicks and Eddie Machado. Jack is particularly looking forward to meeting Eddie, having spoken to him on a fairly regular basis whilst contributing to his Bones starter theme for WordPress.

Keep an eye out for a follow-up post after Jack has returned from the event.