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After running Voltronik for two and a half years from Salisbury, the business and I will be relocating to Bath in mid-July.

I’ve been personally looking to move to Bath for many years and recent circumstances have enabled me to do so. I am greatly looking forward to what Bath has in store and enjoying a slightly larger city with a more vibrant web design community.

Everything will be running as normal as possible during the move: the beauty of running a modern web design studio and a distributed company is that you can work and meet with clients just about anywhere!
Our existing local clients are already aware of the move and that it won’t affect their service or ability to meet with us. After all, Bath is only an hour’s drive from Salisbury!

I hope those in Salisbury that follow our work will continue to do so – you can sign up for our newsletter on the right of our Contact Us page if you’re interested.
We’ll post another update about how we’re getting on soon.