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It was an exciting day here at Voltronik HQ last Friday as we received delivery of our brand new iPad.
Boasting a retina display with over double the number of pixels as our development Mac, lighting fast graphics, excellent battery life and a quality touchscreen, it truly is an amazing device. That’s not why we’re excited though.

We’re excited for what it’ll do for web design and how it’ll help us to provide the best web experience on these magnificent devices!

We’ve been building responsive designs (websites that scale automatically to the device they’re being viewed on) for a little while now but testing one on a desktop computer is completely different from seeing and touching one on a real iPad. With this new device, we can now offer a much higher level of user testing and ensure our websites feature even more stunning graphics that are optimised for its high resolution display.

Responsive website can be a great and inexpensive way to give your business another level of professionalism.

If you would like a responsive website, are thinking of going mobile or wish to talk through the benefits of having a website that caters to various devices, please get in touch.