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Time for a WordPress related freebie.

We’ve recently been working on a number of projects that have not just featured development on the front-end (what a visitor sees), they have also required development on the back-end (what the person editing the site sees) too.

In order to show clients how something would look and function, we re-created the WordPress back-end in OmniGraffle – our wireframing tool of choice. We’ve tried to re-create every aspect as closely as possible to the original MP6 theme. In order to see the same results, you may need to install the ‘Open Sans’ font and the bundled MP6 icon font called ‘dashicons’ which you can find in the ‘mp6/fonts’ directory after downloading the plugin (link below).

You might notice that it looks a bit different though. This is because it is using the new, soon to be added, WordPress back-end theme (codenamed MP6). We decided to future-proof our work a little by reproducing this as opposed to the version that most people will recognise which is soon to be phased out.  If you’d like to use the new theme early, then you can download it as a plugin and install it on your own WordPress website, here.

Download the OmniGraffle file here.