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A few weeks ago, we launched Daniel Lobb Gardens – a website for a highly talented landscape designer and sculptor. Here’s a little more about the site and what we did.

Daniel Lobb approached Voltronik to re-design his existing website with one that better reflected his achievements and abilities, and enabled him to attract new clients in his target market. It was also important to him that he could easily and readily update his website with new, completed projects and photos at a moments notice.


An initial meeting at Daniel’s quirky and unique home in Andover, Hampshire revealed that he had just won the Hampton Court Flower Show Gold. A prestigious achievement, Daniel’s installation at the show was recognised as being cleanly designed and highly imaginative. Knowing that this attention would undoubtedly bring him more business and visitors, a new site was quickly required. A logo and a press release were also discussed to capitalise on the new developments.

Questionnaire & Sitemap

After filling out our web design questionnaire – a short and extremely helpful document that forms a solid basis for our web design projects, we constructed a sitemap of the nessacery pages that would feature on the site at launch. This gave Daniel a plan to help him gather the images, videos and write the text for the core pages of his new site.


Whilst he was preparing this information, Voltronik was able to start on the wireframing process. This document pencils out the basic structure of the site and addresses initial issues such as layout, navigation, structure, readability, colour palettes and typefaces. A well annotated document, the wireframe contains notes about how the various features will function and how they will lead the visitor through the site. Two wireframes were developed for Daniel Lobb Gardens. The first was for a site with long pages with more information but after a follow up with Daniel, a shorter page layout with less information was used. Information that was to be on a longer page was then separated off into shorter, more readable sub-pages.

Dan-Lobb-Wireframe-1-1024x662 Dan-Lobb-Wireframe-2-1024x662


After discussing various directions and ideas during our second conversation with Daniel, the logo was put into production. Two logos were produced: one for Daniel’s Garden work and the other for his Sculpture. From a choice of ten possible logos produced by Voltronik, one was chosen and refined.


No Mockup?

At this stage, the wireframe is mocked-up in full (usually in Photoshop) to show the client exactly how the site will look before we build it. This helps them to see the site in full-colour and for us to spend time adding subtle details – something we think really makes our work stand out from the crowd. Daniel’s site however was so cleanly designed that we decided to go straight to the building stage. We consciously chose to do this as we would have wasted time re-drawing it in Photoshop and as turn-around time was important to Daniel, we started construction straight after he approved the wireframe.



The website was built using a content management system (CMS). This allowed Daniel to update almost everything on his site, from the basic text right down to the order of the images in the fading slideshows.

An integrated twitter feed on his Home page also gives a constantly updated and fresh look to his website.

Understanding Daniel’s requirement for a quick turn-around, we were actually capable of completing his website in just 2 weeks from the initial meeting to the site going live. Following two additional days of adjustments and tweaks the site was completed. You may remember us mentioning it on our Facebook page and Twitter?


We were extremely pleased with the reaction and comments from Daniel and have had many compliments on the site’s clean design and well executed structure. The site is performing well and is receiving healthy levels of traffic, bringing with it the recognition that Daniel deserves.

You can see the website and logo we produced along with Daniel’s amazing landscape work at