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Bellboy Music, a small independent record label and music publisher, got in touch with us via a referral to design and build them a website. They didn’t have much of a budget to work with but were keen and eager to build an online presence. Many web design studios turn down small budget clients however, understanding the needs (and budgets) of small businesses means that we’re almost always able to provide an option. We discuss where the clients priorities lie and assign a portion of their budget to each area of the project, outlining how much we can do based on their requirements. In this case, we were able to build Bellboy Music a custom designed, editable website with the ability to grow with their business.


Bellboy Music’s aims were to build an internet presence, inform visitors of their artists and blog about their events and up-coming shows. They also wanted to ensure the website was expandable at a later date. We first wrote down a list of the various section and features that were required. We find this helps us to better plan a website if we know that everything required is up-front and written down. For Bellboy Music, the list looked like this:

  • Make website easily editable by Bellboy Music team
  • Social network buttons on Artists pages
  • Editable slider on Home page
  • Home, About Us, Artists, Blog, Contact Us pages
  • Blog / News feed on Home page
  • Contact form

We then produced a wireframe based on this information. A wireframe is a fantastic way to show a client a simple, stripped back, black and white version of their website which just shows the page layouts and how the various features will work. It gives us a chance to explain how we went about using our expertise to translate the information and goals that the client has into a workable framework for which their website will be built on. Depending on the project, we sometimes include a colour palette and fonts that will be used at this stage too. Wireframes can also be useful for addressing any client or industry specific hurdles early on in a project, quickly and easily. In the case of Bellboy Music, a simple but effective wireframe of their website structure was produced. No changes were necessary after discussing the wireframe with the client which means we were able to move straight on to the design phase. Here’s the completed wireframe for the homepage.



Due to the small budget and the amount assigned to the design phase, we were only able to produce a single design for the Home page which followed on progressively from the wireframe. We designed Bellboy Music a dark but clean and well structured theme which looks at home in a music orientated website and satisfied their initial requirements. After a round of feedback, a few small changes were made to the design before being signed-off.



This project was great fun to work on. Often small budget projects are fast paced from start to finish and Bellboy Music’s was no exception. The quick pace allows our creativity to flow continuously, helps the project to stay focused and ensures high levels of enthusiasm from both parties. Small budget projects have produced some of our best client work. Bellboy Music were fantastic – they were enthusiastic, quick to respond and were a pleasure to work with throughout the project, often throwing in good ideas along the way. The Bellboy Music website took just a few weeks from concept to delivery and they couldn’t be happier. Here’s what they had to say about the project: