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Doha News got in touch in 2014 to re-build their website. Rapid growth had pushed their existing theme to it’s limits and the number of plugins and bulk was beginning to slow down the site.

After developing a roadmap of improvements and discussing features and functionality they’d like to retain from their existing site, I re-designed and re-built the Doha News website using a custom WordPress theme. The resulting website was mobile friendly, fast, and quick for writers to edit and maintain through the use of new article, image, and ‘brief’ news formats whilst the improved reading and scrolling experience made it easier for users to read and browse articles across the site.

After launch the analytics showed a clear drop in bounce rate, and increased users, sessions, and pageviews.


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News Article

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I think Jack is professional, knowledgeable and diligent. It was a pleasure to work with him on the design and buildout of our site - which was anything but simple and straightforward - and I'd work with him again in an instant.

- Omar Chatriwala, Co-founder of Doha News

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